ATS Panels

Powertech installations can offer a wide range of ATS panels (Automatic changeover switch) from 20 to 3000 amp to suit any single phase or three phase installation. A reliable good quality ATS panel is essential within a standby power system.

How does an ATS panel work? An ATS panel offers a remote start and changeover of a generator when the mains power fails. Once the ATS detects there is a problem with the mains power it will send a start signal to the generator. This automatically starts the generator and when the ATS detects the generator is running and within programmed safety parameters it will close the generator switch (either a motorised switch/MCCB or contactor) this allows the premises to run on generator until the mains power returns. The full process will take around 10 seconds. The generator will also shut down when the mains returns in a reversal of the same process, to include a cool down period leaving the generator in an automatic state ready for the next mains failure.

We can design remote monitoring into the system to ensure relevant company employees are aware that the generator is running and allow external full monitoring of the generator, with a secure external login from anywhere in the world with real time information.

Our ATS panels are designed and built within our modern facility by our experienced engineers. We use quality components for when building our ATS panels to offer an important decisive element in all our generator projects at a very competitive price.

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