Skyrocketing Energy Demand – You Say Problematic, We Say Challenging!

Demand for electricity up and down the UK is growing at an alarming rate. This is of course to be expected as the country’s population continues its monumental rise, putting enormous strain not only on the UK’s infrastructure as a whole, but also on the National Grid. With the way the country runs and sources...
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How Much Longer Can the UK’s National Grid Realistically Cope?

When an energy or utility provision solution dates back almost a century, it’s inevitable that it’s going to run into the odd problem or two. Those that criticize the National Grid in any way, shape or form really have no right to do so as the way in which the UK’s energy needs have been...
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Britain’s Wild Weather – A Growing Threat to Energy Supply

If there’s one thing that every UK resident would agree on right now, it’s that the weather seems to have gone completely and utterly crazy. Brits just love to talk about the weather more than any other nation on Earth – it’s also fair to say that we’re quite good at moaning about it too!...
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